NSIS Error: Android Studio Installation – a pain in the ass

As a software developer, you probably came across developing android apps. The most popular solution to do this is android-studio, in combination with the android sdk.

So you decided, to wait 30 minutes, plus, minus, to download the android-studio bundle, depending on your internet speed. Finally, the download process is finished and you execute the installer. You’re really eager to take your first steps with android-studio and you’re very excited to get started. AND THEN!!!


So you search in GOOGLE all day to find a solution and solve this goddamn problem. But of course you don’t find any solutions (that’s what we’re here for 😉)

So there is a simple solution.

  1. Open command prompt, and navigate to the folder, where your installation file is located. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Either open command prompt by pressing WIN + R and type

      After that navigate by typing

      cd [Directory],

      where [Directory] has to be replaced by the full path to the installation file, except the installation file name.
      2.PNGfor the alternative way:

    2. Hold SHIFT while right-clicking in the folder, where your installation file is located and then clicking on open command prompt here. (Sorry but I only have it in german)
  2. After that type the name of your installation file into the command prompt followed by
     " /NCRC" (without quotation marks)

    to the command and press ENTER.

Here you go.

Hopefully you can now enjoy your copy of android-studio.

David Holland

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