Ever gotten sick of your default android boot animation?

Samsung default boot animation

Me too, so listen carefully, when I tell you how to change it to something like this:



There are mainly two ways to change it:

  1. You install CyanogenMod and use the integrated theme engine or you
  2. Get root access on your phone and replace a file.
  • For option 1, get CyanogenMod and choose an animation from this XDA-Developer Thread. Download the apk and install it on your mobile android device. Make sure you have external sources enabled on your device in order to install it. If you haven’t your device will give you an option to enable it during the installation process. Finally go to settings -> design -> click in the top left corner to open the advanced settings drawer -> go to boot animations -> click on your preferred boot animation -> and click on the button on the button to apply it.
  • The 2nd option is, to download a zip file with a boot animation for your device in it (there are tons of it on google) and copy it with an root explorer to

    and replace the original

And you’re finished.

David Holland

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